About the earrings

The Jewels by Moon earrings are made of DQ metal. Below a short explanation of what DQ metal really is!

DQ (Design Quality) metal

DQ metal is mainly of high European quality and the platings are done with real silver and gold. The quality of the metal is indicated with the name ‘DQ’.

Whether the earrings are discolored or not due to external influences or the PH value of the skin. The PH value of your skin indicates the acidity and is different for each person. It may be that in one person the earrings change color after a week, after a year or not at all.

To have as long as possible pleasure from your earrings here are some tips:

– Do not let the earrings come into contact with perfume, hair spray, body lotion, insect repellent, alcohol, water or liquid substances;

– Give perfume, body lotion the time to dry and then insert your earrings;

– Never wear the earrings in damp rooms such as sauna, swimming pool or in the sea;

– Carefully lay down the earrings after taking off;

– Do not expose the earrings to strong sunlight for a long time;

– Do not wear the earrings during rough work, exercise, showering or while sleeping;

– Dry your hands well before you put your earrings in.

Stainless steel

This material is allergy free (nickel free) and does not discolor. It is a very hard material, so it will not deform quickly.

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